March For Mercy

by Traverton

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You are the news, bad bone, sedated You’re pulling straws to win your confidence What have you done? Where are you running? Stop looking down, the bridge is burning anyway What will sorry do? Ready to explode But I’ll do everything to face you You seem so pale, a dripping frown, divine Let the devil in to chase your tail You’re on the ground, sick to your spine Standing on the edge, I won’t do anything to reach you
What you looking for? Spent life as the clone Commercialized these faces stood in a row Should you win it back Fork in the road to their plea Time to stare them down Leave nothing out Hate the one thing that i was ever drawn to That's the way, That's the way Brought on too early, i just couldn't stall Ruined it all And i believe it true, lies be thrown right back at you So what you waiting for? Sticks and shiny badges Make it look and sound weak So what you waiting for? A double-knee'd march for mercy levels getting louder say it all, say it all
So, you need something new I’ve had it, I’m letting this go Sooner than later I’ll be sick and tired of you Reached out but you froze there below Somehow my point isn’t getting through Try to connect what is real Get caught up and it’s left behind Can’t stir from pointless danger The tide, it washed out your fate The view on life you chose with both eyes closed You were the last to show Something great now here could grow See this ending soon Telepathy’s your only guide Was never meant for you Simply abide Sick revenge, salivate Your own pulse alone flickers go So get out, erased from one more heart-breaking prize Just get out, there’s no question of living life how you choose You play, so let’s make that deal With nothing left fueling this bind Slave to that sinking anchor You laughed and lied to my face You’ve never hit so low with both eyes closed The dark within that glows Without fail, its prey is shown Walking tall, straightened frame I’ve embraced my findings every way As shown, nil gloom Gotten lost and took the longest turn, wrong lane
Happenstance 03:15
Learned no lessons here, show me something better Mental flight through the thickest air Thrived on winning all those tiring battles Noted as happenstance with you I’ll slowly reach the ground Come on, something’s got to give somehow i don’t know how I made it through These rocky times are over I’m moving on but still can’t shake the thought of you I felt it for long Deception spawned an early end, so terribly lonesome It deepened the cut Yet amidst it all I still can’t shake the thought of you My senses come around Full force in, defeat it
Somewhere, voices in unison run the same old story Who'd of thought that times with better days Would become the town's news We give, the hard work's never done There is no place to go Killer's on the loose I am slowly becoming somebody else How have I become my own worst enemy? Never gave myself a reason I don't want to be that long term remedy Don't wait for me, sail away Our shroud, I may have conceived this Play along, sail away Proven wrong the minute i believe it Watch us disappear, lined up numbers Cropped life right at your door Take first steps onto the runway I'll break every rule to pass through Full stop, curtains drop Odds are beaten Never involved, made it clear in my tone Case in point wears thinner You sure messed it up with style
Everything you say is poison All that's good you must avoid Kneeling for deceit you crafted All you hear is master's voice Take a drag from your cigarette Seems you've earned your own crown So cryptic, idealistic, fold in and out You're on your own Wake up soon, a bad daze Open your eyes This poise is electric Manage to get in the way But it won't matter to me No more Climb summits to your tower, latching on It's always getting in the way But it won't matter, we'll set the score Take it on, can you take on all that power?


Traverton are an Ottawa-based duo formed in 2009 who are still actively recording. The March For Mercy EP marks their debut into showcasing their versatility with each record's energetic style and unique texture.

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released September 5, 2009

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Written by Butch Gerald.
Melissa Denyse Welch: Vocals
Butch Gerald: All Guitars & Bass, Drums, Vocals


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